Loan Management System

At the age of growing cybersecurity threats, we take responsibility of securing customers data as our highest priority

Base principles:

  • All system parts are cloud based
  • No hardcoded processes. Main process and sub processes are running by BPM
  • Full process driven architecture
  • All services encapsulated into Dockers for ease migration between cloud
  • Created Service HUB where services are keep and run
  • All country related sets have 95% common codes
  • DWH use DB as a service
  • LMS is high scalable and keeps all necessary products (loan products)

Loan process:

  • Loan process running by BPM and can be arbitrarily complex, easy changeable and can use existing services
  • Possible to run multi versions process, based on channel or events
  • Client acquisition can be done at any channel (Web, mobile, voice, manual etc). Loan process starts after getting client application
  • No or very little coding process. So modification and creation of process takes a short time
  • During process running BPM can call internal or external services (SMS/email notification, payments, external credit bureau etc.)

Data warehouse:

  • All applications, deals and payments as well as client information are coming to the DWH (Data warehouse)
  • Data model in DWH is a client centric. So the main database is a CIF (Client Information File)
  • All systems are send data to DWH real time or very frequent
  • Enrich DWH from external sources of data is possible, but may require additional work from the data architects (in case of data model change)
  • All reporting based on DWH and can use any of industrial BIIntegration
  • Because of system architecture based on micro-services and BPM any integration is easy
  • Currently we have around 50 integration services (payment systems, call center, sms and email gates, credit bureau etc)
  • Two ways or one way integration is possible (call external service or provide our service for calling).

File or non real time data exchange technically possible, but currently is not used

MD Finance Team ensures confidentiality and integrity of your data through continuous integration of industry best practices.